Yoga Fusion Workouts

Even the most dedicated yogi needs a change of pace once in a while, which explains the explosion of Yoga Fusion Workouts.

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If you’re looking for an exercise that offers the benefits of yoga with the intensity of another exercise form, check out a Yoga Fusion Workout today.

Just what is Yoga Fusion, Anyway?

Yoga Fusion Workouts are a group of workouts that blend traditional yoga with other types of workouts. Common fusions are Pilates, spinning, dancing, kickboxing and strength training. The idea is that pairing yoga with another regimen will burn additional calories, while still offering the mind/body benefits of yoga’s Eastern Indian traditions.

While Yoga Fusion may not offer the intense yoga advanced practitioners crave, these workouts bring additional physical fitness benefits not found in traditional yoga.

Ancient Practice to Modern Trend: a Brief History

The ancient practice of yoga originated in India more than 5,000 years ago, and it remained relatively unchanged for centuries. More recently, however, an increased interest in the mind/body connection yoga offers has led to an evolution of the practice. The first Yoga Fusion Workout was Yogalates, which blends yoga and Pilates. It was developed in the 1980s and is sometimes called PiYo. Since then, more Yoga Fusion Workouts have emerged and more are expected to be created due to high consumer demand.

Yoga Fusion: the Details

Considered an “all-in-one exercise experience” by the American Council on Exercise, Yoga Fusion Workouts are low-impact flexibility, balance and strength exercises. They sometimes include cardio work, as well. In any version of Yoga Fusion, you will practice traditional yoga poses, which remain the basis for all Yoga Fusion Workouts. In each, you can expect to receive the same spiritual benefits achieved in traditional yoga.

Prepping for this Exercise

Before attempting a Yoga Fusion Workout, it is important to be familiar with basic yoga poses. If you’ve never tried a yoga class before, start learning beginner yoga before moving on to a Yoga Fusion Workout.

Make sure to stretch prior to starting this workout, and to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

A Yoga Fusion How-To

Yoga Fusion Workouts vary by fusion type, of course, but they typically follow the same pattern:

  • A brief warmup
  • Cardiovascular or strength training
  • Breathing and centering
  • Flexibility and balance training
  • A brief cool-down

Yoga Fusion Workout classes typically last from 30 to 60 minutes. At-home versions may also be available on the web.

Benefits Galore

A main benefit of any fitness regimen involving yoga is the mind/body alignment and spiritual benefits of the tradition. Yoga Fusion Workouts offer that – and then some. Check out these additional benefits:

  • Achieve a full-body workout by activating all major muscle groups
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Adapt easily for beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels

Yoga Fusion Workout Variations

New versions of Yoga Fusion Workouts are emerging frequently. In addition to the ever-popular Yogalates, more recent additions include Spin Yoga and Booty Ballet.

Yoga Fusion Workouts are a great way for experienced yogis to evolve their practice and challenge their bodies in new ways, and they are also a great entry point into yoga practice for beginners. With so many benefits – as well as types of fusions – this is a fitness trend worth checking out.