The Gospel Workout

What do fitness and faith have in common? As it turns out, quite a bit.

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Both are proven to be good for your health, and both are known to create community and fellowship for practitioners. The Gospel Workout is a combination of both faith and fitness opportunities, and its diverse offerings mean there is something for everyone – no matter where you are in your faith journey or your fitness journey.

A Faithful Fitness Trend

The Gospel Workout is a fitness trend rooted in faith, spirituality and fitness – a true mind/body/soul experience. The workouts vary, and may be called Faithful Workouts, Christian Fitness, Worship Exercise, Sweating in the Spirit and more. What they all have in common is they are Gospel-centered and offer a faith and fitness community.

A Brief History

Christian ministry has grown over the years to offer faithful experiences across a broad range of topics. Gospel Workout classes, including low-impact aerobics and even Zumba, outgrew church basements and began popping up in fitness facilities in the early 2000’s. The movement grew further when Christian fitness guru Michelle Spadafora launched an online Gospel Workout platform in 2012.

The Skinny on the Gospel Workout

The Gospel Workout is incredibly versatile, with both cardio and strength training options, as well as classes that combine both. You can find a faith-filled fitness class in just about any type of exercise genre, including aerobics, yoga, jazzercise, Zumba, Gospel Groove dance classes, strength training and more. Musicians have even begun producing music specifically for use in The Gospel Workout.

How to Prepare for a Faith and Fitness Class

Physically, you should prepare for The Gospel Workout as you would any typical fitness class – wearing the proper clothing and shoes, stretching and hydrating.

What’s different about preparing for these classes is that you’ll also want to ready your mind and open your heart to an experience that is meant to affect more than simply your physical health.

The Gospel Workout Experience

In The Gospel Workout classes, you’ll follow the instructor through 30-45 minutes of warm-up, exercise and cool-down. Typically, Gospel music or Scripture readings will accompany your movements. Your class may take place in a church facility, or in a secular gym.

A Host of Health Benefits (Not Just Physical!)

Enhanced physical fitness aside, there are five main benefits to be gained from The Gospel Workout:

  1. A mind, body and soul fitness experience that focuses on your overall health, not just physical
  2. Stress relief and spiritual support
  3. Encouragement along your faith and/or fitness journey
  4. Growing in your personal faith
  5. Joining a supportive community of fellow believers

Variations on the Gospel Workout

There are as many variations of The Gospel Workout as there are churches. Some classes are low-impact, while others are more advanced and offer increased physical challenges. Many of these classes evolve to serve the needs of a specific congregation or population of faithful exercisers.

If you’re interested in pursuing faithful fitness opportunities and growing in faith while enhancing your physical health, consider The Gospel Workout for your next fitness adventure. With so many variations to choose from, you’re sure to find a match for your mind, body and soul.