Punk Rock Workouts

Some workouts you have to see to believe, and this is absolutely true of Punk Rock Workouts.

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If you think you might like a loud, chaotic sweat session in your club attire, this workout is for you. Read on to learn more about this non-workout.

Understanding Counterculture Fitness

Punk Rock Workouts fall into two categories: Punk Rock Aerobics classes in fitness facilities, and structure-free Punk Rock Workouts on the dance floors of nightclubs. Both feature punk rock music, rather than the typical pop beats fitness buffs sweat to, and they challenge the limiting notions some may have about what truly constitutes a fitness regimen.

The Birth of Punk Rock Workouts

Punk Rock Workouts hit the counterculture scene in 2000, beginning in New York City. They have grown and evolved a bit in the two decades since, but they have never hit the mainstream. If they do, they will lose an essential element to their identity: counterculture.

Understanding More about this Fitness Regimen

Dance moves are the foundation of Punk Rock Workouts, though not the graceful choreography you see with many dance fitness classes. No, Punk Rock Workouts feature erratic, chaotic movements set to classic punk rock anthems from bands like the Pistols and the Stooges. You won’t see fitness clothing worn for this exercise – practitioners wear fishnets and Army jackets. In short, there is really nothing else comparable on the fitness scene.

Preparing to Mosh, Er… Exercise

Preparing for a Punk Rock Workout is less about physical preparation and more about attitude. Be prepared to let loose, be creative and forget anything you learned in normative fitness classes. You may even want to be prepared for a mosh pit, which frequently happens.

Don your favorite punk-style club gear and get ready to sweat. Since there are usually no mirrors used, forget about proper form and focus on having fun.

How to Exercise like a Punk Rocker

Although Punk Rock Workouts, by their very nature, eschew rules that puts students in a proverbial box, there are several specific exercises that many will include:

  • The Skank – picture the running man in beast mode
  • Wack Jacks – an erratic take on jumping jacks
  • The Rock – a mix between ‘80s aerobics and clubbing with friends

Oftentimes, the soundtrack to these workouts will be a live DJ spinning your favorite punk rock anthems. In some cases, the music will be pre-recorded.

Elusive Benefits

Punk Rock Aerobics is all about strength and entertainment in a judgment-free zone, which can actually be difficult to find in mainstream fitness. Many of the moves also offer cardio benefits.

You’ll also find a community of counterculture, dedicated to embracing their “otherness” together.

Punk Rock Workout Variations

Two relatively new variations of Punk Rock Workouts emerged in 2018: Punk Rock Yoga incorporates traditional yoga moves, but with much less focus on spirituality, and Punk Rope is a jump rope session set to punk rock music.

If you’re tired of being caged in at your gym and crave the freedom of an exercise regimen with no rules, give Punk Rock Workouts a try. As they say in Punk Rock Aerobics class: “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”