Pogo and Trampoline Workouts

Do you ever wish you could exercise like you did as a kid, when it felt more like play than exercise?

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With pogo and trampoline workouts you can do just that, while burning calories and breaking a sweat.

What are Pogo and Trampoline Workouts?

Pogo and trampoline workouts use persistent hopping and bouncing to raise your heart rate and increase your endurance, while also building your core muscles. They can be performed either on a pogo stick or a trampoline. Sometimes, practitioners of pogo and trampoline workouts involve building upper-body strength through the use of medicine balls or hand weights.

A Brief History

The trampoline was invented in 1930 and the pogo stick in 1957, and both have always been marketed as fun ways to improve your physical health. However, the two weren’t truly combined with fitness regimens until 2012. In 2017, specialized fitness pogo sticks made pogo and trampoline workouts more accessible for those working out at home, and the appeal of these exercises grew further.

The Skinny on Pogo and Trampoline Workouts

Pogo and trampoline workouts are aerobic exercises that are much more low-impact on the knees and other joints, compared to other cardio-heavy workouts like running.

Preparation for this Exercise Extravaganza

If you’re serious about a pogo workout, you can purchase an adult pogo stick designed to withstand persistent use in a fitness capacity. If you’re just getting started, you can likely rent one at your gym.

The same can be said for trampoline work – while most gyms offer personal trampolines with a bar for balance, you can also purchase your own for home use.

How to Pogo like a Pro and Rebound like a Gymnast

Although it’s fun, you won’t just jump freely in a pogo and trampoline workout. Instead, your instructor will guide you through purposeful movements designed to engage your core and protect your joints.

You will hop on a pogo stick, which allows for 34 percent less pressure on your knees compared to other exercises. The higher you jump, the more calories you will burn.

You’ll also perform “rebounding” on a trampoline, which is a no-impact type of bouncing.

Extensive Benefits

Hopping, bouncing and rebounding offer a host of health benefits. In fact, many fitness experts recommend these movements as part of an overall wellness regimen. Specific benefits include:

  • Fun and care-free workout
  • An intense but low-Impact aerobic exercise
  • Serious core work, especially for the abs
  • Promotes self-regulation and can be calming on the nervous system
  • Assists the lymphatic system to promote circulation and drainage
  • Improves your body awareness

Variations of this Exercise Craze

While many pogo and trampoline workouts are guided by an instructor and include specific, purposeful movements, free-form versions can be performed at home. You do not need an instructor to receive fitness benefits from using pogo sticks and trampolines.

With so many health benefits, pogo and trampoline workouts are suitable – and fun – for all ages. If you’re looking for the intensity of an aerobic workout without the strain on your joints, consider hopping, jumping and bouncing your way to a fitter you.