If you find yourself lacking motivation to work out, it may be time to level-up your fitness routine.

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With Jukari, you can fly and spin through the air while building muscle and burning calories.

All About Jukari

Jukari is a term meaning “to play” and it perfectly describes this exercise, in which you perform fitness moves inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s high-flying aerialists. Each participant uses their chest-height FlyBar to hover six inches off the ground and perform movements along with a beautiful Cirque soundtrack.

A Recent History with Old Roots

Jukari was developed in 2009 through a partnership between Reebok and Cirque du Soleil, and its full name is Jukari Fit to Fly. It took eight months to create the program’s choreography, which is based on real Cirque moves. While Jukari finds some of its roots in the flying trapeze, invented in 1859 by French acrobat Jules Léotard, Jukari’s “FlyBar” is only six inches off the ground and is configured a bit differently in order to allow for spinning movements in addition to swinging movements.

Interval Training in the Air

Jukari is a type of interval training, meaning it mixes cardio with strength training moves that target both the upper and lower body. With the artistry involved, it truly stands in a class of its own. Trapeze and circus classes offer some similar movements, but they are different than the choreography created especially for Jukari.

Preparing for Jukari

Jukari is offered in a class setting, so you’ll need to find a gym that offers it. Once in class, you’ll stand in front of your FlyBar and adjust it to chest height.

As with any fitness routine, you should stretch prior to beginning the class.

How-To: Getting Fit while you Fly

Jukari requires concentration and patience for beginners. The instructor will take participants through a choreography of movements, with five specific moves anchoring the routine:

  1. Swing to Straddle Jump
  2. Lunge with Kick
  3. Hanging Carousel to Straddle
  4. Mountain Climber to Pike
  5. Mixed Grip Pull-Up with Kick

Each of these moves will require you to hold the FlyBar in a particular manner, sometimes while swinging or spinning, with your legs performing movements and holds at varying angles above the floor.

Jukari Offers Four Unique Benefits

Like any interval training, Jukari is great for getting in both your cardio and your strength training at the same time. However, it offers several unique benefits:

  • Upper-body workout for multiple – and often neglected – muscle groups
  • Movements designed to make you look and feel like a Cirque du Soleil performer
  • A specialized soundtrack to provide inspiration while you exercise
  • A fresh workout to get you out of your gym rut

Class Variations

Jukari classes may vary a bit by instructor. Some classes, especially those for beginners, feature much floor work with the FlyBar. More advanced classes often lead students in using “foot loops” attached to the FlyBar for aerial movements. Jukari classes also offer a variety of different Cirque soundtracks.

If your typical workout is in need of a refresher, Jukari adds both fun and flight to your fitness routine.  So grab your FlyBar and release your inner aerialist as you gracefully burn calories.